Help needed with a slip stitch instruction.

My pattern tells me to cast on 3 sts then start a’setup row’ by kfb, k2,sl3 sts p-wise back onto LH needle, rep from. I have never come across this slipping sts onto left needle before and cannot understand how to repeat when the yarn is on the left needle. Can anyone explain what I should do? Thanks

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Sounds like you’re making an I-cord or at least the beginning of one. This video uses dpns but if you’re not then you would slip the sts back purlwise (without twisting) to the left needle.

Salmonmac how did you figure out that the pattern was calling for a i cord with the instructions that Terrriedwards42 provided :confused: i am trying to learn from you how to clearly explain things to others

Thanks salmonmac for the instructions and video. I should have explained that I am actually starting a baby cardigan and the part that I am starting is the yolk. I will see if the video instructions will help as I have never tried this stitch before, thanks again.

Terri, yes, it may continue with different instructions but al least the part about slipping to the left needle is shown in the video. Which pattern are you making?

Trisha, I’m not sure it is an I-cord but it starts off like one so the video shows that idea (i.e. slipping back p-wise and repeat).