Help needed with a pattern

This is the bit I am having trouble with P1, ybk, S1p, yfrt, P1 - so I did what I thought it was asking me to do which was to have the wool either at front of work or back of work before slipping unknitted stitch on to my needle but then the next row said insert point of right hand needle into next stitch & knit this stitch together with the 3 loops at back (I cant see any loops - so obviously done something wrong & what loops are they referring too as this instruction about the knitting 3 loops was my 5th row so I have been doing the yfrt etc for 4 rows - so do they mean loops vertically over the previous 4 rows or do they mean horizontally 3 loops on this 5th row. What is it they are trying to achieve in this knitting so I know whether I have done it correctly.

What is it you’re knitting? Do you have a picture and link? Sometimes the pattern has instructions for special stitches. Check below the gauge info or just before the first row.

I’m not positive either, but maybe they mean the stitch itself,the purl bump and the slipped stitch? That would be 3.

A ‘loop’ would be a stitch on your needle. They may be referring to the stitches you slipped. But a link to the pattern or a picture would be helpful.

I do not know how to do a link & a link to where? The knitting pattern I am using is Stylecraft Life Super Chunky ref no 8456. I have checked the reference in the pattern & all it says its yfrt which is yarn to the front & ybk = yarn to back & S1P = slip 1 stitch purlways.

Is it this pattern? No unusual stitches there, except maybe the open ones at the bottom edge. I think they’re just talking about knitting the slipped stitches together. It’s okay to post a few rows from the pattern, if you can do a couple before this row, this row and the one after it, exactly as written, we can help you figure it out.

Thank you Suzee - I have managed to knit the back, & the two fronts but then I came to knit the sleeves as I am knitting the cardigan rather than the waist coat.

This is the instructions for the sleeve its only these first five rows that I am having a problem with
1st row K1, P1, ybk, S1p, yfrt, p1 *K2, P1, ybk, s1p, yfrt, K1 repeat to last st K1,

2nd row, P1, K1, yfrt, S1p, ybk, k1, *P2, K1, yfrt, S1p, ybk, P1 repeat to last st P1

3rd & 4th as per 1st & 2nd

5th row K1, P1, insert point of right hand needle into next st & knit this stitch together with the 3 loops at back, P1, *K2, P1,insert point of right hand needle into next st & knit this stitch together with the 3 loops at back, P1 rep from * to last st K1.

I think the ‘3 loops at back’ might be the slip st loops from the previous rows. I might have to work this out with some yarn and needles to see how it goes.

eta - or maybe it means the loops from where the yarn was carried across the stitch - yfrt/ybk

Thank you Suzee - I appreciate it very much - I am so glad I joined this forum - without you I would have had to give up because both the sleeves & the borders are done exactly the same but didnt notice until after I knitted the rest (as normally I stay away from patterns I cant knit - as I dont have any one to ask how too)

See the edit on my previous post. I just realized it may mean the loops from the strands of yarn in front of the slipped stitches.