Help needed with a pattern please....

Hello everyone.
I could really do with some assistance with a pattern . It’s for a baby cardigan I’ve started. Going well so far then I read these directions. ##Dec. At armhole edge in every alt row whilst at the same time dec. once at neck edge in every row four times##
It’s really confusing me.
Any help would be appreciated
Many thanks

Hello welcome to this forum, I’m new here too.

So the arm decrease is done every other row but the neck decrease is every row.
this part of your pattern is just 4 rows.

1 dec at neck edge only
2 dec at arm and neck edge (this is the alt row)
3 dec at neck edge only
4 dec at arm and neck edge (this is the alt row)

So that if you look over these 4 rows the arm dec at every alternate row
And the neck edge dec on every row.
And you followed these instructions 4 times, making 4 neck decreases and 2 arm decreases.

On every row you work the rest of the row as normal with whatever stitch or pattern you’ve been using, the only difference being the decreases.

I hope this helps

Sorry I’ve just come back to edit my message as I’ve posted your rows back to front.
Really sorry, will edit the original reply now.

I’ve changed it now.
If you read the message before I got back to it then I’m sorry if I messed up your knitting!

Hiya. Thankyou so much for your help. I’ve noted the directions down now.

**hello again
There’s another part of the pattern that’s bugging me if you could advise

I’ve sent a screenshot and just don’t know how to do the ‘work 13 rows’ unsure if it’s knit 13 rows or 13 rows of the patternimage **

I would think this is to work the first 13 rows again as set out.
The lace edge is 6 rows + 6 rows + 1 row = 13
The pattern also says “keeping garter stitch and lace edge correct throughtout” and the throughout would be continuous for all this section.
So I would say “work 13 rows” means these 13 again.
If it was me I’d also look at a photo to see if those lace edges ever stop and just become a band of garter stitch with no lace patterning, it’s not likely but you would be able to see a band of 13 rows between the lace detailing.

Patterns are tricky to read aren’t they? I do wonder why they are written that way.

Yes very hard to work out at times!! I think I need to write it all out to stop me getting so confused. The lace edge pattern is the same throughout so I need to make sure I’m getting the rows right. I’ve attached a picture of what I’m knitting. It’s quite an old pattern. I do set myself big challenges lol
Thankyou for your help


Yes, so looking at the picture the overall pattern is a garter and lace edge and then the main body which i think is stocking stitch (not sure why but I can’t see all or your pattern photo so I can’t really see if it says knit to end of row on those odd numbered rows but I’m guess ing it does. That means the mean body is a knit row and then a purl row but maintaining the decorative edging.

You said in your earlier message if it meant knit 13 rows but that would produce a band of garter stitch and no pretty edging.
Hope that makes sense.

Don’t know about others but I use a row counter and also a paper clip. I put the paper clip on the edge of the pattern so its pointing to the instruction I am on.
For those first 13 rows I’d move the paper clip down each bit as I got to that row number but I’d also have a row counter on my needle to help keep track.
Then I’d have my paper clip left on “work 13 rows” for the second lot of 13 but I’d start my row counter onto 0 again to restart the row counters.
Maybe something like that could help keep track?

Actually you are making something harder than I’ve ever done. I’ve only made 3 sweaters.
Its a very pretty baby cardy :slight_smile: