Help needed with a mosaic pattern

So I’m attempting to do my first dishcloth, first 2 color knitting, and first pattern and I’m running into an issue where the mosaic pattern doesn’t seem as “clear” as the pattern’s photo. Specifically, I seem to have the wrong color cropping up every little bit. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Here’s the pattern link:

(I’ve attached a photo of my dishcloth with rows 1-24 completed and with some of the wrong stitches circled in red. Compare my picture to the up close shot on the pattern’s website and you’ll see how I have stitches in the wrong color.)

Also, one other question. I heard somewhere that where the pattern says in Row 2 to “slip all slipped stitches with the yarn in front.” they actually mean to slip the stitch [I]purlwise[/I] - is that true? I started doing that late in my work and it seemed to help correct the pattern a bit, but it obviously didn’t fix everything that I was doing wrong.

Anyway, any help/thoughts/advice would be very welcome. Thank you!

I’m not sure what row the issue is on, but if it corrects itself when you slip pwise I think that is your answer. Generally you DO slip stitches purl wise unless the pattern tells you otherwise.

Sorry I was being confusing; when I started slipping the stitches purlwise it helped but didn’t completely fix the problem. I still have wrong color showing up and I’m not sure which rows are causing me the problems.

My guess is that it’s the even rows that are causing me the issue. From the pattern:
"[I][B]Row 2 and all alternating rows[/B]: Use the same color from previous row to knit all knit stitches and slip all slipped stitches with the yarn in front.[/I]"

Is there something more to knitting all knits and slipping all slips that I’m missing? I’m knitting all the knit stitches and all slipping all the slipped stitches purlwise on the even rows.

I tested it for a couple rows and I think I figured it out!

On the pattern rows, the odd numbered ones, you slip pwise with yarn in back. On even rows (alternate rows) you slip pwise with yarn in front. The reason you do this is because the even rows are technically the back or WS. If it helps you can put a safety pin or locking marker on one side to remind you. Give it a try and see if that works for you.

Oh my gosh, thank you for taking the time to try out a few rows! I will definitely try this and let you know if it helped. Thanks!!

It’s working perfectly now, thank you so much for your help. It totally makes sense now that you mentioned looking at the slipping from the WS and RS of the fabric. Excellent. Thanks again!

Oh good! I’m glad I could help!! I’ve found that with a few other patterns where I had to slip for whatever reason so keep it in mind. :thumbsup: