Help needed with a bloke pattern

My hubby has just said to me

‘You’ve made stuff for lots of people, when are you going to make [B][I]me [/I][/B]something?’

To be fair, he’s wonderful with my craft habit, he’ll fund it if he can, doesn’t mind if I’m knitting away during the F1 races or anything like that. So I would like to make him something. My problem is he’s a very hot guy. (Stop it ladies! I mean temperature hot! Although I think he’s cute! :heart:)

He doesn’t own a jumper, doesn’t need one and very rarely wears a coat. What on earth would I make him?

Any ideas?


A guy always needs socks.

dp’s the same, i’ve been trying to figur out what i can make him as well.

i thought of a sleevless jumper as well, i was thinking as a jokey kinda one for dp with a goofy frog on it or somehting (i live in france, and he’s moving here to be with me and ds).

other than that i was on hat socks scarf kinda thing as well.

there hard work when they dont feel the cold arent they lol

I’m glad it’s not just me that thinks so!

I wondered about making him a sweater, but I think I’d just get cross if he didn’t wear it. I haven’t knitted one as I find the idea of doing the sleeves hard.

Socks?! :thud: No I don’t think so. I cannot get passed ‘turning the heel’ and do the ‘gusset’ (?) thing after it.

A hat maybe the way to go, I love the one Artlady did for her hubby so maybe something like that.

He does have a zip up fleece thing that he sometimes wears instead of a coat, how easy it to put zips in knitwear?

LOL Seeing as i have met the man in question . I would say a hat for sure . At least then if the [COLOR=red]HOT ONE [/COLOR][COLOR=black]in your life does not wear it then you won’t be so upset . If you make a big project and spend weeks on it then you will get upset so , test the waters with a hat lol[/COLOR]

How about one of these watch band water bottle carrier sling shot cup holder cup cozy felted camera case Ipod sweater,scroll down

It does get cold in the UK sometimes doesn’t it? I think the vest idea is good one that way he wouldn’t be too warm. :think: What does he do for a hobby…anything you can do for that? Golf club covers, etc?

Here’s a few tutes on zippers -

Or -
Beer Cozy
Can Cozy

In my view it’s cold in the UK all the time! This is actually a problem hubby and I have. I’ll be sitting there freezing begging for the fire to be put on, and he’s sitting there in a t-shirt no it will make him too hot. He just never seems to feel the cold!

I like the camera case idea, he looks taking photos he takes his camera everywhere.

His hobby is building models, he’s also Dr Who mad but he already has along scarf, so that’s out.

Thanks everyone for the help, I’ve got some good idea now.

I made my husband a neck pillow. He loves it. He gets up a 4:30am for work, and gets off at noon, so during the day, he takes a nap in the recliner with his neck pillow.

My husband doesn’t wear sweaters anymore either. The only thing I will make for him is hats or possibly a scarf.