Help needed - willy winki style hat for newborn

I know that this is the right place to come…so, here’s the problem -
I kint baby hats - very simple ‘cat eared’ ie rectangle shape, folded, joined along the shortest side and the top, with a turn up which I sell through my online shop. I’ve had a request to make one for a new born in a willy winky style with a pom pom - “‘willie winki’ style… ie longer ending with a pom pom on the end” (this is the request). However, I’m still a relatively inexperience knitted ie I stick to what I know and perfect this!!

Please could any one help me out with a simple knitting pattern for a new born which would suffice? I’m not responded to the lady yet as I needed to do my homework first!

Thank you to everyone who helps me!

You’ll need to put decreases in, every 4 rows or something. Look for ‘santa’ hat patterns.

Hello lovely knitting peeps! A big thank you to the help I received here, as I have now created the wee willy winky style hat - successfully - and sold it on The story’s interesting so I’ve blogged about it ( - giving fully credit to the KnittingHelp forum which made it possible - big hugs and thanks.:cheering: