Help needed to finish baby booties!

Hi all,

I found this pattern on Bernat…

Baby booties Bernat satin…

I am done (I hope correctly) with the first section and the shaping of toe. The last step says…

“9th row: K2tog. K5. Sl1. K1. psso. Knit to end of row.
21 (29-37) sts.
10th row: Purl.
Cont in garter st for 2 (2Ω-2Ω) ins [5 (6-6) cm], ending
with a WS row. Cast off.”

I am done with the 10th row purl…
I am stuck with the garter stitch… Do I now knit continuously for 5 cm or do I purl continuously for 5 cms (as 10th row I purled) ??

Thanks so much!


Garter stitch is generally knitting both rows front and back. So continue knitting in garter stitch.

Thanks Jan!

So you mean for the next 5 cms I continue knitting the knit stitch?

Got it, thanks Jan!

Also, it says to end on a WS -wrong side row right? This means my last knitted row should be on the inside of the bootie… Right?

Right. The cast off will be on a RS or “outside of the bootie” row.

Great thanks!

Got one bootie done… On to the next one…

Will post a pic as soon as I figure out how to!


Ok… So got done with the booties… But now stuck in seaming it…

Do a try the mattress st to seam? I have to close the bottom of the booties… Which was cast off… And the side…

Pl advice!

I usually whip st the cast off edges to each other but here’s a good tutorial for horizontal mattress st.
Glad you finished the booties! Post a picture if you can. It would be fun to see them.


Did not do mattress st as was not sure how to… ( join ridges created by garter st) so did a whip st on the reverse side…:cool:

Here is a pic…

gartter stitch is all rows knt