Help needed to convert Wrap & Turn in pattern to German Short Row


Per pattern: Row 1 Knit 34, wrap next stitch and turn (132 stitches on circular needle)
Row 2 P to m, sm, p34, w&t
Row 3 K to m, sm, k to last wrapped st and k it with wrap, k12, w&t

I know from watching videos that on German SR, I knit 35 stitches instead of 34 and do w&T - my question is do I complete the w&t and then knit back to the beginning (actually only knitting half of a row?
Any help or suggestions would be so so much appreciated.
Thank you so much,


After the w&t or double stitch, Row 2 is the return row. So you won’t necessarily knit back to the beginning but instead follow the directions for Row 2. Where the beginning is depends on the pattern.

What pattern are you following?

Here’s a nice comparison of w&t and GSR.


Thank you so much for asking! I want to try that very same substitution next time I knit socks and wondered what kind of adjustments I might have to make. Thanks, salmonmac, for the helpful link!