Help needed reading pattern, PLEASE
Here is the link to the pattern that I for some reason cannot for the life of me get right. Question 1…Under “sides” is round 8 done on the wrong side or right side? Question 2…Is round 8 the first row of the stitch pattern?

No matter which way I turn the work, the stitches don’t match up. I am assuming the ribbing K2P2 is worked all the way up whether you are on the right side or wrong side of the cozy, right? Can’t seem to get it to work right. I’ve been to the frog pond many many times and am very frustrated. I don’t want to give up on this project, and it actually doesn’t seem like it should be this hard…but what am I doing wrong.

Has anyone made this or could look at the pattern and offer some help. I guess I just need it spelled out word for word.:wall: :wall:

I have been stressing over this for about a week and actually just got out of the hospital yesterday for yet another angioplasty (stent in right coronary artery) Don’t need any more stress. Please somebody help!!

I agree, it IS confusing. I’ve not made this but here’s my take on it.
I think round 8 is worked with the right side facing. the 2x2 rib is worked up to the top. (the smocking wraps are added in where needed but this should not effect the rib sequence).

On RS rows, replace first two sts of smocking pattern with sl1(purlwise), p1, and end the row with p2. On WS rows, replace first two sts of smocking pattern with sl1(knitwise), k1, and end the row with k2.

This note on pattern is important. I think you may be missing this part. I didn’t ‘see’ it first read through either.

So assuming your round starts with k2, pattern for round 8 in full would be :pray:
Round 8: [COLOR=blue]RS,[/COLOR] BO 6 sts, sl1, p1, begin smocking pattern [COLOR=blue]from chart, (k2, p2 across)[/COLOR] ending with p2, [COLOR=blue]turn[/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]round 9; WS, sl1, K1, p2 k2 across, end with k2.[/COLOR]

I believe that when they tell you to switch to one circular needle, that you begin working back and forth–not in the round anymore. That’s why the side is open.

Thanks to you both for your time and help.

Jints - What you said sounds reasonable. I’ll try that and see if it works. Thanks again.