Help needed, please!

Dear knitters!

I am very new here and started to knit my very first project, a baby blanket. I am trying to knit for couple of weeks now and cant go further due to my mistake, and desperately need your help.
The problem is one edge of my blanket is getting curvy( other side is ok), cause i am loosing stitches. I start with 92 stitches and after first raw i have only 89 stitches.
92 stitches, work 3rows in g st.
Row1(RS): K1, [k2tog]x3,[yfwd,k1]x6, *[skpo]x3,[k2tog]x3, [ywfd,k1]x6, rep from * to last 7sts,[skpo]x3,k1.
Rows2-4: K

So, i cast on 92 stitches, work 3rows in g st. And i still have 92 stitches.
I start my row1: i do the first part, when it comes to repeat between ** i can repeat twice and third one i cant do it fully( i stop at [skpo]x3,[k2tog]x3 and [ywfd,k1] x only 3times instead of 6 as after doing it 3 times i only have 7sts left that i need to finalise the row.
So i assume i am loosing those 3sts here and end up with 89sts instead of 92.
Can someone tell me please where i am doinga mistake?
I am bit unsure if i am doing ywfd,k1 right. For ywfd i am followung this instruction on youtube. Will send the link as second post as system doesnt allow to add now.
And after simple knit 1.
Am i doing something wrong here? Help please, i ripped of and started over hundred times but dont wanna give up as well.
Sorry for writing too much:((
Thanks a lot

Thats the link i am following you do yfwd.

Yes, that video is fine for the yarn forward but remember that the yfwd is only the part where you bring the yarn to the front between the needles and then to the back over the right needle. It doesn’t include a k1 as part of it.
Also, make sure you’re doing the skpo correctly as well.

It may help to put markers between the repeats so that you’re sure to end with the correct number of sts.

Thank you, salmonmac.
Yes, i do as video shows and add k1.
Also, i do skpo exactly as video shows. The book gives an instruction on yfwd and it sounds bit different to me. Can you have a look, does it explain exactly the same or it is different from the video.

This is the instruction

Yes, that’s the same instruction as the video and as I described above.

Just to be clear, for your pattern, yarn forward between the needles and then over the right needle to the back, then k1, repeat (yfwd, k1) 5 times more (6 times total). This part of the pattern will use up 6sts.

Thank you Salmonmac for your time.
Yes, i am doing exactly as you described. 6times in total. yesterday all day started over for 3 times and couldn’t solve the mystery. :((

When a pattern say repeat ** or () until last 7 sts for instance, do they usually assume that we should knit full ()** or can stop in the mid of **() as we already have 7 sts left?

There should be full repeats of the sections in between the * (or parentheses or brackets)

Before the repeat you need 13sts:
k2tog x 3=6sts
[yfwd, k1] x 6=6sts

Each repeat takes 18sts:
skpo x 3=6
[yfwd, k1] x 6=6

The end of the pattern takes 7sts:
skpo x 3=6
So you use the 92sts cast on: 13 + (18x4) + 7
Try the markers after the first 13sts and then every 18sts to keep yourself on track. It seems like you’re just missing 3sts which may be random mistakes rather than a consistent error.

Thank you Salmonmac!
I’m gonna start over again with stitch markers. Fingers crossed. It became an obsession :)))

Thank you Salmonmac. You are Godsend! Finally after 1st row I still have 92 stitches and those stitch markers are brilliant. I bought them but haven’t used them so far. Thanks for the explanation and counting all the stitches for me. Hope won’t have any obstacles and will be able to finish before my lil arrives.

I’m delighted! That’s great news. Enjoy knitting the blanket.