Help needed please


I’m making the 6 Yr old hood can you confirm how do this row thank you


After changing to 5.5 mm needles and you will begin casting off(binding off) at the beginning of every row .For size 6 years, 2 rows first then, on the 3rd row and following 9 rows, cast off 1 st at the beginning of each row.
Hoping this helps


Thank you so much for your help xx


Hi I have finished knitting the jacket just got to buy a zip for it sew that on then take photos. Many thanks for your help xx


Looking forward to seeing your photos. Well Done xx


Not overall happy the way I have sewn it up under the arm, but I wasn’t going to risk re-doing it, but I think my grandson will love it. Xc


I’m sure your g’son will love it :gift_heart: :+1: Well done, don’t dwell on the negatives - that’s what practice is for, I think it’s a brilliant job :blush:


So nice! It’ll be great for your grandson!


Thank you Jan_in_ CA and that is so true not knitting knots lol x

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What a great creation! I’ve just begun knitting myself and love collecting others made knits. If you are interested in selling or donating any of your practice creations to my collection please send me am essage. - Max 0401025139


Hi do you mean the finished product or the pattern,


Hi I have knitted a front and back of a jumper and just about to start the sleeves can I check on how I increase the Sts as in photo I have ringed the size I’m following thank you


Whenever there’s a zero for your size, skip over that direction and go directly to the next. Remember that you’re increasing at each end of the row. That’s 2sts increased per increase row.
Call the first increase instruction given in the pattern, row 1. Increase on rows 9,17,25,33,41, then on rows 47,53,59,65,71, and 77.


You are a diamond Salmon mac for all your help thank you xx


Hi everyone I have come to sewing my jumper up, however I have never been very confident with this part and just want to ask you all which is the best ways to sew the seams. I have never been shown and have watched loads of videos, I have even sewn up other items but just feel abit uncertain I’m doing it right. So any help be great. Thank you


The jacket looks very nicely done so you are seaming well. It becomes a matter of preferene really. I like to use mattress stitch where possible and a conventional backstitch in other situations.


OK thank you for that, I do question myself abit too much sometimes x


That’s probably good to do. It means you’re thinking of other posibilities.


Hi I sewn the jumper up but not happy with the length, wished I knitted it longer, is there a way i can add a big border, it is a garter stitch mny thanks xx