Help needed on directions

I have completed the knitting on “Mary’s summer bag” from the Knit Picks free library. I do not understand the directions for completing the bag. It says "use the ridge as your fold mark and fold the band to the right side of bag. Place the two knotted straps under the fold–each knot threaded through the strap holes in band (one knotted end on either side–see illustration (NO HELP TO ME). Sew the flaop down (while holding the straps in place) by weaving a seam just above the start of the ruffle. What do they mean by “weaving”

Thanks for your help.

Thread the straps through the holes, then sew the hem to the inside of the bag.

What do they mean by “weave in”. I have never done this before and what I haVE done does not look right.

Weaving the hem down might be the same as grafting, but you can just sew it down. That’s what’s needed.