HELP Needed! Left side increase every alt row

I am in the middle of knitting a pattern from an Erika Knight book, Natural Nursery Knits and I am having difficulty interpreting a knitting instruction. I am making the “dress and pants” and am in the middle of knitting the pants. The instruction that I am stuck on reads as follows: “Inc 1 st at each end of next row and every foll alt row until there are 56 (60:64) sts.” I was wondering if you may be able to tell from looking at the attached picture, what kind of increase was used for the leg holes. The increases begin at the bottom of the leg opening and work their way around the leg hole to the back of the garment. Do you think that they knit a stitch on first before making the increase stitch? Also, how did you increase on the left hand side of the row as the instructions call for? I should also point out that to make the top of the leg holes, the pattern called for me to knit one then K2T. I’m wanting to create the same effect around the leg holes as the K1, K2T pattern. My gut tells me that I should do a bar increase on the right hand side and left hand side of every alt row.

Thank you so much for your help!

I think the increases will look neater if you do them one stitch in from each edge. You could use the lifted bar increase, knitting into the back of the bar so you don’t leave a hole, on both the left and right side of the row. You can k1, increase, knit to one stitch before the end of the row, increase, and then knit the last stitch. It should go very well with the garter stitch pattern.