Help Needed in Understanding the Diagram

I would love to knit the Cowl Latvian Blooms
It is the first time I will be knitting a pattern like this and need your help.
I don’t understand a couple of things:

  1. in the picture page 4 row 1-19 has 68 stitches but then in row 20, you see 4 extra stitches. Does it mean I need to add 4 stitches?
  2. It calls to cast on 166 stitches but on the diagram it shows 68 stitches. Even if I double the stitches I still don’t get the same number of stitches.
    Thank you in advance for your help

Welcome to the forum!
Really lovely cowl.
For row 20 cast on 4 extra sts to work the pattern.
The repeat is the first boxed area of the diagram (34sts starting on the right). Work that 4x for the first variant or 5x for the second variant. Then work the second half of the chart, shown on the left (30sts).
Variant 1 (34x4) + 30 = 166
Variant 2 (34x5) + 30 = 200

There are many helpful comments on Ravelry about stitch counts and forgotten purl sts.

Thank you for your answer. Yes, I thought i need to add 4 stitches but i hope it will not show a hole as i knite up.
The second part about the repeat , i am confused now more. Do i knitte only one side 5 times and the other side only 1 time? how is this possible ? I would love to hear back from you only when you have time to explain this again.
I greatly appreciate your help. Yardena

The increases across row 20 should be spread out so they don’t occur all at once.

Under the graph in tiny letters, it says 34sts–(1) repeat 4x (5x). That’s telling you that especially for the flower portion of the chart you need to repeat the first 34sts (those between the dark vertical lines) for the given number of times.
Then under the second part of the graph it says 34sts–(2) repeat 1x. This refers to the flower portion of the chart as well since there are only 30 sts shown in the lower ribbing portion.

This is also mentioned in the directions:
“Work from Chart, beginning with Row 1 with color MC green and repeating the motif ① 4(5) times and motif ② 1 times.”

Some of the Ravelry comments refer to adding 2sts to the ribbing in order to get the chart for the ribbing and checkerboard to work so you may need to do that too. Then you would only need to add 2 sts at row 20.

Hi, I am sorry if I did not thank you before. I just was busy dealing with my work. I am working remotely since March and just did not have the time to knit. I am getting into this this evening .Thank you once again.

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