Help needed - how to block blanket?

I’ve just fonished my Irish hiking blanket and would like to block it to ‘stretch’ it out a bit.

I’e used King Cole Comfort Chunky wool - 60% acrylic 40% nylon.

I don’t have any specialist blocking equipment and have never actually blocked something before.

What would be the best way to do it?

Thanks heaps :hug:

Just machine wash and dry it. Looks like you’re using ‘wool’ to mean yarn and there’s no wool in it? I looked it up and it says machine washable, so go ahead and do it - it’ll even out the stitches and ‘set’ them.

Thanks suzeeq…yes , i mean yarn :oops:

That’s great i can put it in the machine. I also need to sew in the loose ends…should i do that before or after putting it in the machine?

You can do it before, then check them after to make sure they didn’t pull out.