Help needed for reading commands

I wanted to knit a beanie. But I’ve got some commands that I’m not familiar with and the glossary here isn’t clear enough. 1. What is a seed stitch? 2. What is kfb? 3. What does it mean to work in St st? 4. How do you do a pm? 5. What is sm? 6. How do you thread tail through stitches? 7. How do you do WS? Can anyone kind please help me?

1 and 3. see the Tips page for basic stitches
2. an increase, look on the Increases page
4. it means place marker, usually a ring or a small piece of yarn, around the needle to mark a set of stitches.
5. slip marker from left needle to right.
6. usually with a blunt tip sewing/darning/tapestry needle.
7. WS just means wrong side, the side of the item thats worn toward the body rather than facing out. You don’t do anything different to a row, it’s just mentioned in a pattern to let you know which rows are on the WS or RS (right side).

kfb is when you knit into the front of the stitch like normal and then knit into the back of the same stitch. You create 2 stitches in 1 (increase)

ST st is stockinette stitch and this is where you knit one row and purl the next when knitting flat (if knitting in the round you just knit)

PM means this is where you place a marker, usually to mark a new round, increases, mark something in the pattern

SM means to slip the marker when you come to it

WS is the wrong side of your work

To pull the tail through your sts I usually put it on a tapestry needle and then just run it through the sts on the needle.

For seed stitch you are switching the Knits and purls on the rows. If you don’t then you will get ribbing :thumbsup:

You’ve got lots of help already, but don’t forget the help at the tabs at the top of the forum including the glossary. :thumbsup: