Help needed for pattern continuity whilst decreasing please

Hi I’m not an accomplished knitter and often have to google for help but I’m totally stuck on keeping the pattern going on my latest knit.

I’ve just moved into the last part which involves decreasing every other row and throughout the row. The pattern is back to two rows

Row 1: k3 p2 k4 p2 to last 5 sts p2 k3
Row 2: p3 k2 p4 k2 to last 5 sts p2 k3

Row 1: work 8 sts in est pattern k2tog rep to end of row
Row 2: work in est pattern
Row 3: work 7 sts in est pattern k2tog rep to end of row
Row 4: work in est pattern
Row 5: work 6 sts in est pattern k2tog rep to end of row
Row 6: work in est pattern
Row 7: work 5 sts in est pattern k2tog rep to end of row
Row 8: work in est pattern

After this it switches to all k and p so I can continue.
This is what I thought row 1 should be:

K3 p2 k3 k2tog p1 k4 p2 k1 k2tog k1 p2 k4 p1 k2tog k3 p2 k3 k2tog p1 k4 p2 k1 k2tog k1

Not sure if that’s right and have absolutely no idea on the following rows. If anyone could help that would be great and much appreciated. Thank you Jan x

Link to pattern

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
If you’re happy with the pattern so far, that’s great. I must admit that I find it a bit puzzling.
The way you’ve written out the row is fine except that you have 51sts and I think you should only have 50sts from the cast on. Actually the directions in the pattern make this easier: knit the knit sts and purl the purls. Just look at the next stitch on the needle and work it as it appears (knit the Vs and purl the loops). It may help to add markers after the decreases to indicate where they are on the following rows.

There’s a comment on Ravelry about the appearance of the decreases but at this point in the toe of the pattern it should be fine.

Thank you for the welcome :blush:
I’m very confused as well! My brain won’t allow me to get past the first decrease row! I’ve had a look on ravelry hoping someone might of posted exactly how to do those rows!

The pattern upto now has been fine. I think I may discard the pattern for the toe and go back to st st which will probably look ok. It’s only for one of my girls dolls this first one. I chose this one because it didn’t need circular needles! I will invest in some so I can choose a different pattern for the next one.

Thanks again Jan x

Just a quick update :blush:

I decided to do as you suggested in the end and k the k’s, p the p’s and just hope for the best! It’s actually turned out ok all things considered and I’m sure dolly will be pleased so thank you once again as I really had no idea what to do

Jan x

Oh great! I’m glad it worked and that dolly is pleased (and cozy). Usually, with hats, the pattern decreases as far as possible in the purl sts between the cables. Then the decreases start to take sts from the cables. That may make a neater looking decrease than the pattern suggests.