Help needed for new knitter, attempting sweater

HELP! Ok, so I recently began knitting, and finished my first long LONG scarf. I now want to try something a bit more challenging, so I went to the local yarn store, bought a sweater patten, and all of the materials needed. I expressed that I wanted a basic pattern, and belive that I got one, but cant get it started… URGH…

I dont understand what “K into the front and back of the first st (inc. made)” exactly means…

And then I need to “inc” which I believe is to increase, but it does not say if the yarn should be towards me or away from me. Is there a standard?

I REALLY appreciate your help!
Carrie :??

In longhand…Knit into the front and back of each stitch (increase made). They’re talking about a bar increase…video here.

I would guess that if the only time a certain increase is specified is to knit front & back, then you would use that every time the pattern calls for an increase.

Thanks Julie - that makes sense!!! I have to get used to this knitting language!
Carrie :smiley: