Help needed for my sleeve

hi im knitting an icleandic cardigin,just about finished the first sleeve but im a bit worried about the fit. It say’s to stopat 44cm but when i put it on my arm its a good bit short.

im knitting the whole cardigin in the round and when the sleeves are finished the get joined on to the body part that i have already knitted which is then called the yoke. and then start to work the top patterns.

im worried that if i keep knitting and when its joined its going to be too short.
the sleeve also measures what the pattern says its supposed to measure,its also the small size.

is this usual for a sleeve to look small when you put it on your arm???

should i maybe keep knitting until it reaches my armpit and ignore the size of the sleeve in the pattern?

I have gargantuine long arms, sleeves are always too short for me. Until I started sewing my own clothes in Jr high school, I thought all sleeves were 3/4 length.

Knit to your sleeve length. Do make sure you are holding it to your body correctly, though.

I usually have to make my sleeves shorter, but you can be flexible.

Your best bet is to measure the sleeve you’re knitting against a sleeve that fits you properly. The top of the sleeve won’t be right up against your armpit when the sweater is done, so comparing it to a sweater that you like the fit of will work best.

It should measure from your wrist to about an inch below your underarm, and as Ingrid wrote, measuring a similar sweater is the best way to fit one. It’s hard to figure out where it’s going to fit on your body.

thanks i completly forgot about that,thats how i did my sleeves on my last cardigin