Help needed for knitting Rowan Bev Jumper


I’m a beginner knitter looking to make my first jumper and I have got confused with some of the terms used. I am working on a pattern by Rowan called Bev, it’s from the Rowan Loves book.

I’ve worked the initial six rows of garter, and then rows 1 to 4 which form the basic knit pattern, the first row has two increases.

It goes on to say - “These 4 rows set g st pip pattern and side seam shaping. Working inc sts into pattern, inc sts as set at each end of next and 2 following 4th rows, then on 1 foll alt row.”

It’s here I get confused! I’m starting with 93sts and need to increase to 103sts.

After my first attempt the pattern was going diagonal rather than in straight vertical lines!

Any translation, guidance would be much appreciated x

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Are you increasing at each end of the row? The bottom of the sweater should be getting wider on each end to make the vent at the sides: ___/
You can see it in the 4th photo down on this project,

Hi. Yes. I increase one stitch either end

OK, then the knitting should be flaring out on each end. If it looks asymmetric and the stitch count is correct, it may be the stitch pattern. You may be able to straighten this out when you block the pieces.
What yarn are you using?

I’m using a cheaper double knit, I didn’t want to use the recommended until I’d had a go to see if I could do it!

Where should I put the increase sts? That part if the pattern sounds like another language!

From the photo it looks like there’s a garter stitch edging (knit stitches on every row) for 3 or 4 sts at each end. Put the increases inside of this edging. So work the edging, increase, work across most of the row, increase, and finish with the edging.

Thanks. I think that’s how I’ve understood it. We shall see how it turns out!