Help needed casting on

I’m making a purse that has two straps, which meet at the top to make one big strap with the knitchener stitch.
Like this :

The instructions had me divide my base stitches in half, keeping one half on a stitch holder, working the second half up.

Now that I’m done with one of the straps, I have to go back to work whats on my stitch holder.
How do I cast on the yarn there? I’ve got stitches, but no working yarn.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(This is the “infamous hobo bag”, as seen on this )

Here is a photo of my project. On the right bottom shows my stitches on the hook that need casting on. On the left side is the finished strap

Take a new end of yarn (it can be the cut end of the strand you were working the other side of the handle with) and start knitting the sts off the holder and onto a needle. Or you can move the sts off the holder and onto a needle and then start knitting them with the new end of yarn. Leave about a 6" tail to weave in later. Don’t worry if the first st is a little loose. You can always go back and snug it up later before you weave in the end.
Looks good so far. Good luck with the rest!


Yeah, since you alread have live sts, you don’t cast on, just take a new end of yarn and knit them with it.