Help needed - baby bootee


I am currently knitting bootees (Paton A complete wardrobe of Hand Knits for Baby, blackberry stitch bootees and mittens p.76).

I have knitted up to row 15th (45 stitches).
row 16th - K30, turn
Row 17th - k15, turn
Knit 21 rows garter st on these 15 sts.
With right side facing, join yarn to sts on right-hand needle, and with same needle, knit up 13 sts evenly along side of instep, knit across 15 instep sts, knit up 13 sts evenly along other side of instep, then knit rem 15 sts … 71 sts

I have attempted the above steps, though I felt that it did not look right so I unpicked the stitches.

Can you please shed some light for me?

I will try to upload the picture of what I have completed so far.

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Sounds like your bootie at this point is like an inverted T. This video may help. The pattern stitch is stockinette whereas you’re using garter stitch (and the numbers are different) but otherwise the idea is similar. See if this helps: