Help..need info about circular needles

first time here…know you’ll be able to help…i’ve heard that a
garter stitch on circular needles produces a stockingnet stitch.
is this true? thanks so much for your reply

When knitting in the round, if the only stitch you do is a knit stitch then, yes, stockinette stitch will be the result.

Garter stitch or stockinette stitch is the result of working the sts a particular way, not how you do the stitch. Knitting in the round you’re working on only one side, not turning front to back. So when you knit every stitch on all rows in the flat, you get garter stitch. When you knit every stitch on all rounds circularly, you produce garter stitch. For garter stitch in the round, you would knit one round, purl one round. When doing that flat, you produce stockinette.

Hiya brian n welcome to the party,
If you knit every row and you are knitting in the round (joined into a cirlce) then yes you would get stockinette stitch, but if you are knitting back and forth (not joined but knitted flat) you would get garter stitch.
If you want garter stitch while knitting in the round you would have to knit one round and then purl one round.
And, yes, you most definetely can knit flat on circular needles, I prefer it that way anyway because the weight of the work rests either in your lap or on the cable of the circular and not on your wrists or hands. Another thing is that you won’t be stuck having to run to the store to buy another set of needles to finish a project if you happen to lose half your straight set. :thumbsup: