Help! Need good pattern to start & year old Son on Knitting

Do you think I should start him with a pot holder or scarf? Any tips on keeping a younger kid interested? What would be a good Caston? He is begging me to teach him and I don’t want to miss the opportunity.

Ok I meant to type 7 year old.

The knit CO would probably be easiest, though I’ve heard with kids that it may be better if you do the CO then get him to do a row. They don’t really need a project, just CO about 12 to 20 sts and knit several rows and make a sampler. If he really does like it and wants to do something else, then ask him what he wants to make.

I bought my 7yo gs a crochet hook and his favorite color of yarn last month. He’d been asking me to teach him for a year. He didn’t last 15 minutes before boredom set in. I figure we’ll try again every few months if he wants. Meantime, I’m looking for a good macrame starter kit for kids, like the Klutzy Kids one, to get him for Christmas.
And, maybe a lanyard instruction book and some different plastic laces.


This is what I am afraid of. But I have so much yarn and plenty of extra needles I think I will just try it. I did try to get him to use the loom knitter a few months ago but like your son my was bored in 15 minutes. But maybe the key is to get him to do 10 minutes every day while he gets used to it. Then in a few weeks he could be done.

Right, they don’t have a long attention span at that age, so limit the time until he starts asking to do it more.