Help need easy lace scarf pattern

Hi, I have never knit lace :shrug: and my scarf exchange partner would prefer lace. :pout: Anyone have any ideas for me? I am a beginner knitter. Help!!! :doh:

I asked the same question at my LYS the other day. They suggested doing one in feather and fan/old shale stitch. I’m working one up on US15’s with some mohair – pretty easy.

It seems like a lot of people use Knitty’s Branching Out as a first lace project too.

Branching Out was one of my 1st lace projects and it is so fun!

I am also a fan of Palette from Knitty: It doesn’t seem too difficult and there are not too many pattern rows.

My favorite, though, is just a simple fan and feather pattern scarf. Here is a link to a page which has a pattern on the lower part:

Good luck!

Thanks for your replies. :cheering: I think I may try the feather and fan or vine lace that I saw in A Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker. I’ll keep you posted on progress or will write when I am ready to pull out my hair!