Help! Need discontinued yarn!


I started my first knitted sweater for myself with Knit Picks Shine Worsted in Terra Cotta that I bought previously for another project. I have completed the back, but I don’t have enough to knit the front. I am desperately seeking to buy at least 4 skeins of this yarn to finish my first garment (complete with cables). Please email me at if you have this yarn you are willing to sell. Thank you.

Oh no… Sorry I can’t help you with that. Always check the pattern and yardage before you start knitting from now on. Is there any chance you can use a contrasting color? Sometimes that works, sometimes not.

Are you a member of It’s free to sign up if you’re not already. There are several members who have KnitPicks Shine Worsted in “Terra Cotta” in their stashes (click here to see the members who have this yarn stashed) … you could see if someone would be willing to sell you a few skeins to finish your project. It looks like no one has this particular color listed as being for sale/trade, but members are often willing to help when it comes to discontinued yarn (especially if they don’t have a project in mind for the yarn you’re looking for), so it wouldn’t hurt to try before you end up frogging! :thumbsup: