Help! Neck Shaping on Pullover

Hey! I’m a relatively new knitter, working on my first sweater, a pattern from vogue. I’ve had no problems with the pattern so far, and am nearing the end, working on the neck shaping for the front.

The pattern says to work across, then pull center 24 stitches onto stitch holder and continue to the end of the row (then do something similar for the next 11 rows, binding off as I go). I don’t understand how I can continue around the neck stitches on the other side without screwing up the shape of the neck in a major way.



You probably need to use a second ball of yarn to work the other side of the neck, assuming that this is knit back and forth and not in the round. What pattern is it and if it’s in Vogue Knitting, which issue?

It’s called the off-the-shoulder pullover, and it’s one of their free patterns, so I can’t tell what issue it’s from.

That makes sense, I’m just confused because it doesn’t tell me to do that anywhere, just says “work to the end”.

Thank you!

Yes, you need to use a second ball of yarn to work the other side of the shoulder. The pattern wants you to work “…both sides at once.” So you work one shoulder to the end of the row, turn and work back to the bound off sts, drop the yarn and pick up the second yarn end and work the other shoulder.
Really cute pattern (VK site needs login to see pattern).

Thank you!!! So helpful!

yes, it’s a lot of fun. Hopefully it’ll turn out!