Help name my new kitty cat

We adopted her from the Humane Society after our 14 year old dog died…Please help me name her. At first I thought she would not bother with the needles and yarn but she loves them both. :heart:

Looks like an Isis to me

Maybe she is. OTOH, she looks a lot like a long-haired version of our very smart and pretty Patches, aka Rita. You picked…no, you GOT picked by a good one, did’t you?

She looks like a Guinness to me. :slight_smile: What a pretty puss cat she is!

looks like a midnight or a shadow to me. Really cute. :slight_smile:

Since she likes your knitting, how about Stitches?

[B]Yarden[/B] you said she likes the knits and I think she looks like a garden cat. The kind that sit right in the middle of your flowers looking as content as can be. Yeah she looks like a Yarden

thank you for all the name suggestions. Will have to write them down and try them on her. :hug:

Wow, she looks just like a cat I adopted from the back yard woods! I named her Shade, or Shady Cat. Shady Cat fit her well, because she was always ‘stealing’ food from the compost pile. She was a Shady character, haha. She was the sweetest lap kitty that LOVED becoming a house pet.

I would name her Lovely.
I like Stitches too.
She is a gorgeous cat.

Our new kitty was at the Humane society short of 7 months. Due to being in a cage so much she gained a lot of weight. With the new freedom she has already lost a pound. she is such a delight and loves her new found freedom.

I tend to name my pets after gods and other mythological characters. I would suggest Bast.

How about Purl?! :wink:

I don’t know why but Ellie Mae popped into my head. SHe sure is pretty! :inlove:

she’s a pretty cat, lucky too.

Oh my goodness, what a cutie! :heart: The first name that popped into my head was Thomas, but then I re-read and saw she’s in fact a girl and the first girl name that popped into my head was Roseanne…lol…Yes, like Roseanne Barr…LOL! She looks like a kitty who won’t take no crap! :teehee:

I second Purl!

Stitches or Purl…Like them both and she sure is a beautiful kitty!

Another vote for purl :slight_smile:

I like the suggestion made of [B]Stitches!
And I like to use human names for pets!
GlobalTraveler’s given name is [B]Zina![/B]
I think Zina would suit your pretty little cat very well, too!