Help! My thumb is too small!

Okay, :help: Here’s the deal. I’m making a birthday present for my mom; a pair of fingerless gloves she’s been wanting for ever! It seems they are cursed! (I had to start 4 different patterns before I got one that worked) I already need to pickup and knit the ‘finger’ part, because it’s too darn short, but that’s not the scary part. (Although I hate picking up, something awful)

The thumb hole is too small! I thought it would stretch a little when I finished it, but it didn’t! There’s no way I can give it to her like this! I tried it on and could barely get my tip of my thumb through. Please please please tell me there is a way to fix this :frowning:

Note: the thumb was a pickup & k, so…is the only way to fix it take it off? Ohhh…help!

Yeah, I would rip out the thumb and see if you can pick up more sts. If the hole you left to pick up the thumb sts is too small itself, I’m not sure what to do then.

which part is too small? the beginning of the thumb hole or the cast off edge? if it is the edge, you can open the bind off and do a different one or losen it up (if you left enough of a tail and didn’t cut it yet, you can probably still losen it (or re-do it with less tension).

if it is the thumb - beginning… well, that is more difficult… is the pattern online? can we view it anywhere?