Help My socks never fit

I have started 2 pairs of sock but never knit the second because the 1st ones didn’t fit correctly. I got gauge both times and the 2nd attempt I even tried a smaller size (the childrens size). It fits in every other way except that from my heel to the ball of my foot it’s baggy. This is my 1st attempt at socks so I dont even know if thats just how handmade socks fit or if I could do something different to make them more snug. I really enjoyed the process and would love to continue making them but only if I can get the fit I want.:shrug:


Several questions so we can help:

  1. Are you knitting top-down or toe-up socks?
  2. If top-down, is your pattern for heel-flap and gusset, or for short rows?
  3. Measure your foot and tell us how many inches around the ball of the foot and how many inches around the ankle.
  1. top down
  2. heel flap and gusset
  3. 8 1/8 in. around the ball of my foot and 8 3/4 in. around my ankle

Make the foot between the heel and toe a little narrower by working the [I]gusset decreases[/I] a few more rows. I find this easiest to do in increments of [I]four[/I] stitches.

For example, if you started with 64 stitches, keep working the gusset decreases until you have 60 (4 less) or 56 (8 less) stitches remaining. (If you feel the foot needs to be a little narrower, choose to decrease 4; if a lot narrower, choose to decrease 8.) Based on your foot measurements, I would suggest a decrease of four stitches, unless your gauge is more than 8 stitches to the inch.

Note that by decreasing the gusset stitches, you will now have [I]fewer[/I] stitches on the top needle(s), or instep, than on the bottom needles, or sole. Before working the toe, you will need the [I]same[/I] number on the instep as on the sole; just slip the appropriate number from the sole needles to the top needle(s), then work the toe as usual.

I’m going to cast on and try again. :happydance:

You’re welcome, Katie!

Thanks again Denise. I have finished my 3rd sock and with the extra gusset decreases it fits perfect. I’ve already cast on for the other half of my pair.:knitting:

P.S. I would post pics but my DH left the camera at work. Maybe later. thanks again:yay: