Help: My So Called Scarf Pattern This is the original pattern.

I have no problems understanding and doing this pattern but there are little loops that hang off (while viewing the RS) on the right that I can’t seem to get rid of. I’ve tried double knitting them into the pattern but it doesn’t work. I’m using size 10 US needles with Silk Garden yarn.

I’m wondering if its the size of the needle since I didn’t have a problem with size 8 US needles :confused:

Please help any way possible.

Thank you!

No, you need large needles for this pattern, it’s a pretty dense stitch. On the right side, knit 1, pull on the yarn a little, slip a stitch, k1, then YO before passing the slip stitch over both the knit and YO. It’s the same thing as the pattern, just easier to understand than that knit into the back of the slip st thing. On the WS purl 2 tog, purl the first, then pull on the yarn a little when you insert the needle for the 2nd p2tog. You might also try pull lengthwise on your project a little, that may help the edge st loops to get taken up into the pattern. You could also try going up to a 10½ too; it could be you’re knitting tight on the 10s and the tight stitches are preventing the extra yarn from relaxing into the pattern. And blocking/washing it will help even out the stitches quite a lot too.

Thanks for directions to this pattern, I really like it! & yes I just started another project ! :woohoo:

This should help you out :slight_smile: