Help! My row markers leave lines & my short rows show!

This is the first project where I’ve ever tried to use row markers or a row counter, (and my third project ever) and there’s very obvious lines in the knitting where I went around the markers. Once I noticed this was happening, I tried to just pull tighter around the markers, but it didn’t help much. I’m knitting with a 7 needle, if that makes any difference. It only sort of shows up in the picture, but it’s very obvious in the knitting, especially if it’s stretched even a little bit.

And, as you can see, my short rows are obvious, too. Now I’m trying not to purl as tight when I go around those, and I finally watched the video on this site about wrapping the stitches, so hopefully the ones I do in the future will look better.

This is just a diaper cover so I’m not too worried about the flaws but the last thing I’d want is to have these lines on a sweater or something in the future!

Here’s what I mean:

Thanks so much. :slight_smile:

Use a marker that is the appropriate size for the needle. That’s why you are having trouble. Yours is way too big.

That’s easy enough. :slight_smile: I thought about using the tiny rubber bands I put in my baby’s hair instead of the markers I have. Think that would work? I assume if I went to look for new markers they would be labeled for the needle size, right?

Does that mean I need to get a new row counter? Or find a new way to attach it?

Thanks for your help!

tiny bands would work … I never use a row counters because I use pencil/paper. The little markers I have are soft plastic … not sure how your counter works but don’t you have to click it to change the number? If that’s the case put it in your lap.

And the sts and marks left by the markers will even out after you wash it.

On finer knitting I have done where my stitch markers seem to leave
marks I just used some contrasting colored embroidery thread tied
into loops. That was definitely thin enough not to be noticeable!
Also I have the type of row counter that is supposed to hang over the
needle but I just use a safety pin and pin it to the front side of my
knitting rather than moving it on the needle :slight_smile:

Libbie :slight_smile:

If you are interested in learning a new technique for short rows thisis a great tutorial. Nona does a comparison of 3 different methods and the japanese method wins hands down. I also find it easier than the wrap and turn method