Help! My mom's turning 50, what do I knit?

I knew my mom’s birthday was coming up at the end of the month, but I had completely forgotten she was turning 50! So I’d like to make her something extra special…but argghhhhhh I should have been practicing more because I’m still such a beginner.

I have a few thoughts…since I really want to make a purse, I could knit her a spring/summery handbag. I feel confident I can do the lining, but I’m still totally stuck on how to attach handles like these and these. I found some nice colors of a mercerized cotton too that I think would work good for a purse. But I would just have to totally create a pattern since I can’t seem to find something basic. Argh.

I know she really wants me to make her a scarf…but I’d feel bad giving it to her now and her waiting months and months to actually wear it.

Any thoughts? I’m so stuck…

If she really wants a scarf, you might consider making one that’s good for spring or Fall…

Im making AIBHLINN for my mom whose B-Day is the 17th.

If you choose a cotton/rayon mix or something light & drapey, it would be good for “cool” weather, instead of cold.

A bag would be a fantastic present, I think! I would love it[What? No, I’m not bag addicted :drool: ]
The scarf can be a future christmas present, right?

As for the pattern: Do you have a general idea of what it should look like? Maybe someone of us knows a pattern? I just made a bag out of two rectangles[Haven’t sewed it together yet]. It’s really simpleand “lives” from its colors.
as for the handles: The ring ones are pretty easy to attach. You just make a little flap thing at the top of the bag and fold it over the ring, then sew it.
For the other ones you need these “things”. Sorry, I don’t even know the german word for it, but the handles have holes to put the “thing” through. Funnily enough, I can’t find them on the Joanns site :??

Ah yeah, I know what you’re talking about Javede. The handles you’re talking about require “hardware” LOL. Which, you know, would be cool to do in the future…some day…but not now. I wonder if the D-ring handles require hardware…hmmm…

I will throw together a little sketch in paint shop and then post it.

Ok, here we go…

The first one would obviously be using a round handle. The shape of the bag is similar to the A-line purse here.
I wouldn’t use that kind of yarn though. And I don’t know about that whole button thing…I’m trying to avoid that for now…lol. Well, maybe after I watch the button video on here I’ll feel different.

The second one is just with the D-ring handles and a rectangular sort of bag. I’m all about doing two pieces and seaming them together, but do you think it would have enough depth? I’d kind of like it to be a little deep so you can fit stuff in it.

I was thinking of doing a simple cotton lining too. I added stripes on the little drawing, just because I think a striped bag would be kinda cool. But if I do add stripes it just be one big one at the top and/or bottom. Oh, and I’d like to do the bag in stock. stitch with the v’s showing on the outside.

Thanks for any help!!

Maybe the chinese charm bag in S&B would work? I’m going to be doing that next, but I’m going to use some king of straw/rope/raffia/something to make it more summery looking. And the handles are easy to attach, you just wrap loops of yarn around to attach it to the bag. If you don’t have the book, go here and click the forward button 4 times… it’s the pic on the left.

Oh, that bag is so beautiful!!!

I don’t have that book though :frowning: I love the style of the purse though. I don’t think I’ll be getting that book anytime soon though (arg @ being poor) and my library is out of it at the moment. But it has just been added to the “must knit this” list!!

Just searched through my big pile of FO’s and found this little purse.
It consist of 6 rectangles which now need to be sewed together and lined.
You could do the same for the second of your bags.
I made some pics, so you can see the construction.

wow looks great J!

Thanks! Do you wanna sew it for me?
Half of the WIP’s lying around here aren’t finished because of sewing :rollseyes: