Help, My mom wont buy me yarn untill i use the yarn i have now but i dont like the yarn i have now its tangled and everything. Help

Can anybody help

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Wow, you are so lucky that your mom buys yarn for you. I’d say, get into that stash, untangle it all and knit something spectacular for her.

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Yep, get to untangling. Next time keep it balled up so it won’t tangle, too.

f you don’t want to make something for mom or yourself make something for charity. I make hats, but dog blankets are handy in shelters or blankets for shelters, habit for humantiy, VA or something.

One other thing…next time can you make a short title and put the question in the post please. Thanks.

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How old are you? It might be worth getting a paper round or something so you have your own money :slight_smile:

You could make her this pair of socks :grinning: