Help! My Marker Fell Off!

[b]And I didn’t notice it because I was on the PHONE!!! Aggghhhh … and I kept on knitting … :pout:

I have 100 st and I’m on circulars … I can sort of tell by my short tail where the beginning of the round is but I’m already 2 1/2 inches along … can I just guess at it and put it where I think it should go? I also have a lifeline in six or seven rows back … does that help to mark where the end of round is also?


I would locate the tail and use a contrasting color to weave through the column that the tail starts. Does that make sense? :??

Hope that helps…

When I joined my round at the beginning I used the cast on tail and the new yarn to knit 3-4 stitches so actually the cast on tail is a bit further up from the original first st … I did however notice that when I came to that area, there was a slight “rise” in the yarn so I assume it’s where the new round was to start … placed the marker there and called it good … I refuse to frog again. :!!!:


I know that feeling all too well. :pout:

What are you making? Is it a detailed pattern?

The Spring bag … link below … detailed enough that I seem to have had the need to frog it several times. :pout: