Help My Fat Arms

Hi everyone, long time since I’ve been here but I’ve kept knitting and haven’t forgotten all the help I’ve received here and used well. Thank you.
Now about my fat arms…
I just finished a pullover in chunky Denim Ultra and after sewing in one of the arms I suddenly thought “good grief that armhole looks small”.
Boo hoo! The sweater is a deliberate size up for me so is a kind of slopppy joe, so I thought for sure the arms would be roomy, but although I kept the right guage the armholes are just too small - I’d say a good inch to inch & 1/2. I know I’ll have to take it apart and rework it. Big sighs…
The big question is, how can I avoid it in the future. I can’t find any advice on how to recalculate increases to take me to the sleeve top and corresponding along the body of the sweater to end up with the added inches needed.
Has anyone encountered this problem and found a way to do it without a maths degree?
Please help the sad chubby armed knitter?

Aw. Have you thought about trying the top-down sweaters? You can try them on as you knit and make adjustments as you go. I’m afraid I’m too new to this to have any useful suggestions, though…

Did the pattern tell you to knit X rows, Y rows, etc, or did it say knit Z inches? If the entire armhole shaping was in rows and your row gauge didn’t match, that’s possibly one reason they were too small. But top down sweaters are great, you might try one and see if you get a better fit.

Thanks for both sets of advice. The top down idea is a good one except that I have a small warehouse full of bottom up patterns to get through!
The shaping has been done by rows, but I’m not sure this is the problem because the guage is correct. I’m afraid I do not have “standard” size upper arms and need a way of increasing the size of the armholes to accommodate my real body shape, my proportions are not those of the stick insect that is modelling the jumper on the pattern. As I said, I even chose a size bigger than my normal to get a very loose fit and still the arms are too small.
I think this is more of a pattern alteration question now that I think of it.
How do you add an inch or more to a sleeve top and armhole on the body of any pattern to get the proportions right on both edges to be fitted together?
Is there a tried and true method?
Hope there’s an answer out there somewhere - we can’t all be the same shape?
thanks again ladies!

I found this item on the web with links to on customizing sleeves etc
If this helps anyone else I’ll be very pleased, just ripped out my sleeves and starting again with help from here.
Happy knitting.

Thank you for the link Knit Knot! I am attempting my first sweater and despite the fact that I counted and recounted my cast on stitches multiple times, I must have miscounted and have 2 additional stitches and am at the arm hole shaping. Seeing that it is my first sweater and I’m making this for myself, I’m just going to continue on and hope that everything turns out just fine. I’m so nervous! That link is just what I need!:cheering:

Thanks for that TwistedStitches! It’s so exciting to find those illusive answers for yourself and then pass the word on for others. I’ve learned a lot from reading thru other people’s knitting problems, so am delighted to be able return the favour. I am just counting out my rows & increases now - here’s hoping! and best wishes on your own new creation.