Help! My Corner is missing!

Did I do something wrong? Here is the beg of my blanket pattern:

-CO 110 sts
-work 9 rows in garter st noting that the first row is WS and inc 10 sts
across last row.

Here is what I did:

I worked the 9 rows and then at the end of the last row I cast on an addl 10 sts and flipped and started following this pattern:

row 1 - k
row 2 - k10, p to last 10, k10

I am further down my work and the corner where I inc 10 is missing. It lookes like this (if this comes out right…the lines are where my stitches are):


What did I do wrong? Is there anyway to fix my corner?

I think you should have knit 9 rows and ten increased the additional stitches evenly spaced across the 10th row–not added them on at the end.

It’s just to help the blanket lie flatter.

work 9 rows in garter st noting that the first row is WS and inc 10 sts
[color=red]across last row[/color].

Across last row means evenly across the row.

I don’t know how you’d fix the corner, but I’m pretty sure I know what you did wrong.

When a pattern tells you to increase across a row it means to space your increases evenly along that row. So, in your case you would want to do something like K5, (M1, K11) 9 times, M1, K6.

I use this site to help me out with calculations like that. Good luck!

ETA: of course, while I was writing, Ingrid beat me to it! Oh well, it’s a good link to have if nothing else!