Help! My Afghan is curling!

I hope I can explain this clearly so someone can suggest a good solution.
I’ve started to knit a Paton’s pattern with Red Heart Yarn.The first row after casting on is a pattern and the second row( and all alternate rows) are to knit the knits and purl the purls. The pattern creates a mostly st st at the beginning three and four rows. The edge is starting to curl. Fringe is to be added later. I’m about 10 rows in and worried that the curl will remain.
I’m a loose knitter so know I’m not knitting too tight. #8mm (11) needles.
Here’s the basic pattern: K5 *K15 P3 repeat( then the K the Ks and P the Ps)
Repeat Row 1 as above.
Then it reverses K5 *K3 P15 etc.
Should I start again and knit several rows before starting the pattern?
Instructions say not to press so I’m a little hesitant about continuing until I know what to do to eliminate the curl.
Thanks in advance for any help!

I’m pretty sure the fringe will take care of the curling, but if you want to be absolutely sure, then knitting the first 5 rows or so will definitely take care of it.

And maybe keep the 5 edge stitches on each side in garter too.


Thanks Ingrid and suzeeq.
The 5 stitches on the sides are in the pattern and I will unravel- my main knitting talent-lol- and put in five rows of garter at each end just in case I decide to eliminate the fringe.
Thanks so much for your help!