Help! My 1st sweater

I’ve always been great at crochet and recently took up knitting because I’ve always loved the way knitted clothes look. My actual knowledge of knitting and purling are fine, but I’m stumped on the first pattern I’ve just tried.

It’s a sweater, grade easy. I’m working on the back. I followed the instructions easy enough until it was time to shape the armholes. The instructions read as follows:

"Cast off 13 sts beg next 2 rows. Dec 1 st each end of needle on next 13 rows, then every following alt row, 7 times. "

Do I cast off 13 sts and knit the rest of the way, turn, and repeat? Also, the dec 1 st each end of needle part is really confusing.

Any help is much appreciated. :wink:

Hi, and welcome to KH. Learning knitting after crocheting is how I did it too.

[B]Do I cast off 13 sts and knit the rest of the way, turn, and repeat?[/B]
Yes, cast off your 13 sts and finish the row, whatever st your pattern calls for. Next row, cast off 13 sts and finish the row in the appropriate st.

As for the decreases, are you familiar with decreasing in knitting? If not, there are free videos to demonstrate them here. I would k the 1st st and then 2 tog, work to the last 3 sts and ssk, k1. The videos will show you how to do the decreases. Working your inc after the 1st st will give you a neater edge and if you are sewing in sleeves will be easier to work with then also.

Thank you so much! :hug: