Help! moss stitch/cable cap?

Finally finished the blanket moss stitch scarf for a friend, and would like to make a matching cap. Below’s a pic of the finished scarf, YEA! :cheering:

Anyone out there with a pattern for a moss stitch cap with cables?? Or any other interesting moss stitch patterns?

It’s a self-striping heathered yarn, and these are for a guy. I could make a pattern no prob if knitting flat, but want to knit the cap w/circulars, and thinking about this pattern for circulars makes me dizzy. :whoosh:

Thanks for any help!!

I looked on knitting pattern central and didn’t find anything… You can probably use a regular stockinette pattern, and just do the moss stitch instead of stockinette.

What about a moss stitch band instead of ribbing?

Thanks for the reply, Hildegard! It’s a thought I’m considering - I did find a pattern for a cap with seed stitch in b/t ribbing, and that’s on the list right now - but cabling the stockinette ribs. I’d prefer to do moss stitch on the hat 'cause the nubbiness of the blanket moss st scarf would be too much compared to tiny seed st on the hat, but can’t seem to convert it into a hat on circulars. :wall:

Here’s the seed st/stockinette ribbing pattern for the body of the hat:

K5, (P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1) repeat this ribbing 7 times more. Continue in seed stitch rib for 5”-6” depending on your size.

How would you convert this into moss stitch on a circular?? :?? :doh:

Re: the seed st band, I didn’t know if this would have the same stretchiness as ribbing, and since I didn’t get to measure my bud’s head before he left for NYC, it’s gotta have some give. It’s a great touch, though.

Any suggestions?? Genius converters?? Help!!

I just finished a seed stitch hat on circulars. You just knit the opposite of what you see in front of you. If it looks like a knit stitch facing you, then make it a purl. Basically k1,p1,k1,p1 becomes p1,k1,p1,k1 the next round, and the third row becomes k1,p1,k1,p1 again.

Hope this helps!