Help Mods~

I don’t know what I have done… I sent a pm to Nadja and now I have 75 unread messages… :zombie: HELP~!

You probably need Sheldon for that! I’ll let him know for you!

Are they all messages you’d received and read? Or are they totally new messages?

You should be able to mark them read if they’re all old messages. My email at work does this to me all the time :roll:

THANK YOU~!!:muah::muah::muah:

I don’t see any NEW messages but the top of the page says they are new… but i don’t see any new ones~

I think this happened after the upgrades Sheldon made yesterday, cause mine did it too. Just mark them as read, that is what I did.

I think this is a Sheldon problem if it persists. I can’t think of anything we can do.

Just a upgrade glitch. We upgraded the core software yesterday and some people have experienced said problem. It doesn’t seem to be anything but a minor nuisance. Sorry for the trouble.

OK… will it go away on its own… or do I need to do something?:think:

just hand over your stash and everything will be ok :slight_smile:


:biting::biting::biting::biting::biting: allright … I will handover my stash… but first you must get through my little friends~!:biting::biting::biting::biting::biting::biting::biting: