Help modifying loop-d-loop ballet tshirt

I want to make a sheer version of loop-d-loop’s ballet tshirt like this one seen here

I’ve bought a mohair, nylon blend that is the same gauge as the kidsilk haze used in that version and plan to use sz9 needles. According to my gauge swatch which is half the size is should be I need to double all measurements. Now being mathematically challenged I’m wondering if any increase or decrease stitches would stay the same or if I would double these along the rest of the pattern?

I’m also stuped on which size to make…the regular size or the larger size. I have a 33inch bust…any suggestions?

Can you elaborate a little more? What’s your row and stitch gauge according to your swatch? What is the row and stitch gauge on the pattern? (I don’t have the book). If your swatch gives you the same gauge as the pattern suggests, you can use the new yarn with no problem. If not, you’ll need to change needle sizes.

According to the (fuzzy) pictures on the link you gave, the top looks like it’s supposed to be pretty fitted, so I would knit which ever size is closest to your bust size.

the pattern guage is 10st over 12 rows per 4 inches and my guage swatch is about 10st over 12 rows per 2 inches.

The way the pattern was modified in the link I posted was that she doubled the pattern to end up with the right measurements. I want to knit it on sz 9 needles like she did to get the sheer effect. I’m just not sure how you double a pattern.