:??my signature is all messed up, can’t change it when I go to ‘edit signature’ and then each post I post my reply, quote, report etc. buttons are on the right side of the post instead of under my sig. Any ideas on why? Can you fix? tia.

have you also noticed that the “quote, quote+, reply, thanks” bar is vertical instead of horizontal with your posts? maybe it’s just my computer, but it started last night and it’s only on your posts. i guess the site just wants to make you feel special. :wink:

:teehee: Sheldon broke you.

Have you tried logging out and then back in again?

Hmmm… it’s on the right here too. I wanna be special!!!

:shock: You need more than a mod, you need [B]Super Sheldon[/B]! Can you please post if you did anything to it before this happened? I’m going to alert Sheldon to this thread.

:roflhard: :roflhard:

Jan, now i’m picturing sheldon (the turtle) flying with a cape on his back.


Have you tried deleting everything in your sig completely and saving and see if it’s still messed up? Then add parts back to the sig one at a time and see what works and what messes it up?

It looks like you have some extra unclosed HTML tags in your signature which were causing the forum to render things oddly anytime you posted. I removed the extra HTML and all looks fine now.

  • Sheldon

jberry, your posts may not look “special” anymore, but you’ll always be special to me! :muah:


as far as I know I didn’t do anything different.

tried that too, can’t click any one thing on my sig, I just get the pointing finger, so I have to do a ctrl a and highlight everything and then delete all, then saving is not working.:wall:

Thanks Sheldon! you rock! :muah:(hope Amy doesn’t mind)

These 2 pages look really messed up now. All the others look fine…

Cleared my cookies and now it looks fine.