HELP--ML knitting inside out!

I think I’m going crazy here. This is my third Magic Loop project (a pair of legwarmers). The first two were fine, but this one keeps coming out inside out. I think I’m doing something backwards, because my knit stitches are coming out like purls. Even when I turn it right side out and continue, the knits are purls. I have to be putting the needle in the wrong way, but for the life of me I can’t figure it out. I’ve watched the Magic Loop video about a thousand times but since I’m not knitting Continental I can’t follow exactly how the needle goes.

I started over 5 times last night and am losing my mind! Please help! Are there any other video resources on the web??

You should be working with the needle tips closest to you and the RS out and the yarn on the right needle. You can try flipping it inside out, you might have picked it up and begun knitting with the yarn on the left needle, so you’re going ‘backwards’ on the rounds.