Help...mittens..."turn"...turn what?

Hi! I am knitting mittens for a child, got as far as the thumb & ran into a problem. Pattern reads:

[I]Knit across to next marker and slip these 15 sts just worked onto st holder, remove marker, add on one st; knit added on st, knit across to next marker, remove marker, TURN; add on one st, slip remaining sts onto second st holder: 12 sts.[/I]

Turn what? The whole piece? The one stitch? The needle? I’m confused…and the answer I know is easy. :teehee: I have looked on the internet and thru all my books & notta!

Thank you for reading!

Yep, turn your whole work just as you would do at the end of a row.

Whenever you see turn in a pattern it’s the same as turn at the end of a row even if you’re not there yet. So you turn the whole item and work back over the sts you just did.

Thank you so much for helping clear that up for me!! I’m missybing on ravelry.

Thanks again!