Help! Mitered Windowpane sock confusion!

I’m knitting a pair of fantastic socks from a pattern found on a knitting blog, and the instructions have been a bit haphazard throughout. I’ve managed to make due, but now that I am on the gusset of the sock, I have reached an impasse.

The instructions are as follows (these are the directions directly after the heel flap):

Each round now starts at the beginning of the “back” needle. Knit one full round from back to front.

In the next round:

  1. K1, SSK, knit until there are only 3 stitches left on the “back” needle, then K2tog and K1.
  2. Knit across the front of the sock.
  3. Knit across the back of the sock
  4. Knit across the front of the sock.

Repeat from #1 until you’re down to the number of stitches you prefper for the foot of your socks. For me, that’s about 60-64 stitches, depending on the yarn and needle size.

The problem is that I’m knitting on a circular needle, so I don’t know when the stitches on the “back” needle end for step one. Also, do these four steps mean that I am only doing decreases on every OTHER round? Does this pattern mean that there will only be a seam-like stitch (decreases) on one side of the sock? I am so confused!

Thx! kp