Help! Missing stitches

I’m knitting a blanket for my husband. It’s 210 stitches (I had stitch markers every 10 stitches). Well, I messed up and decided to frog it back about 8 rows. I threaded an options cable through the row I wanted to get back to before I did it. Once I froggged it and reknit the first row (placing markers as I went) I ended up with an extra marker. I counted and realized I had only 200 stitches.

I can’t see any dropped stitches at all. I don’t see any decreases and as far as I know, I had 210 stitches all the way until the row where I decided to frog it, so does anybody have ANY idea where I may have lost those 10 stitches?

It’s hard to say without seeing it. I’d probably tink back one stitch at a time for a row or two and see if I can discover where it happened, checking each stitch to see that it looks ‘normal.’

Gah! I was afraid someone was gonna say that. This blanket is on my last nerve.

Would it be less vexing to thread your needle into a destination row a little bit below where you are now and then rip down to there? At least you know you’ll be at the right place when you’re done. Plus, you’ll have the thrill of frogging a little.

I dunno. That’s exactly how I ended up with missing stitches in the first place (at least that’s how I discovered I was missing stitches). I’m working on knitting back a couple rows. If that doesn’t work, I’m gonna try frogging back a couple more. If THAT doesn’t work, can I just throw in YO’s every 15 or so stitches to get back to 210? Or will it look weird?

I just don’t get how a blanket that’s knit in alternating garter and stockinette stripes can be giving me such trouble. I’m knitting one for my sister that’s a ripple afghan. It has YO’s and decreases every other row and I haven’t had a single problem with it. :??

Oops. How’d I miss that? :doh: Does it look narrower now that when you started? Maybe there were only 100 to begin with and that extra marker just um… spontaneously appeared. Yeah. Like uh, through a wormhole or something. :wink:

I don’t know if I would do yo’s unless I thought holes would add to the look of it.

I think I would knit in the frount and back to increase if I didn’t want the holes.

Thanks for the tip, MAmaDawn! I’m so glad I asked before messing with it, as I really don’t want it to have holes. :slight_smile:

Check out Amy’s page on increases, make sure to read the top before you start, then just pick the one you like the best!