Help...missing a stitch!

I am working on “Slinky Ribs” from Custom Knits (Wendy Bernard). I just finished the upper back and unraveled the provisional CO to put the stitches on needles. I am missing a stitch! This is worked in K2, P2. I am missing one of the first two Knit stitches. I think I dropped the end stitch when I unraveled the CO. It is pretty apparent since the stitch count is off and there is only 1 Knit stitch at the beginning.

It looks correct the way that it is. I do pretty good job at picking up dropped stitches. But I cannot figure this one out since it is at the end of the row. Help?

Did you make more crochet chains that you needed for sts? Like do 22 when you needed 20? But you would have found you were one off when doing the 2x2 rib… If you see the st waving around on it’s own, try to snag it and put it with the others.

I used an invisible provisional cast-on method that Wendy has in the back of the book. I had the correct number of stitches before I pulled out the waste yarn.

That’s what I figured, that you would have seen a missing stitch if you alread knit the rib. Do you see the ‘dropped’ st loop or is it just not there? If it’s just not there it may be because of the phenomena that if you go the other direction, you’re half a stitch off. If that’s the case and you need to knit the other direction, pick up a stitch go on knitting.

No dropped stitch. It’s just misisng.

Yep, that’s what you do. You start with the invisible provisional CO (which basically becomes the shoulder seam). Knit (in ribbing) the upper back. Flip it around, remove the CO, and begin knitting (in rib) the uppper front. I’m thinking about doing a KF&B to create the additional stitch.

Yeah, just add one however you usually do and call it good.

I used kf&b and you can’t even tell. It looks good. I have a few rows on it now. Thanks!

That’s happened to me before where a stitch is missing at the beginning somehow. I kfb to get back into alignment.