Help! Mikado Gloves - Thumb Gusset

I’m following a pattern for Mikado Ribbon Fingerless Gloves and have had some difficulty trying to understand the author’s steps.

The part that I can’t get my head around is the thumb gusset. From what I’ve read online, thumb gussets are “growths” that are eventually separated from the main work, becoming a thumb. What I’ve seen online shows the gusset ending up horizontal, along with the main work. In looking at this pattern the thumb looks like it was attached to a vertical hole in the work.

I’m also unsure whether I’m supposed to do the gusset work on the first stitches, then do the cabling like normal and “knit to end of row” for each gusset round, or if the gusset is completely different.

I hope all of this makes sense… If not I’ll try to clarify.

The gusset looks like it is worked as in other mittens. The stitches that you work after the first k1 are the gusset stitches. That section will get wider and wider until you put the 16 stitches on the needle to hold before making the thumb.

Though the pattern doesn’t say to, maybe putting markers around the gusset would be helpful.

Thanks, Ingrid! Somehow I knew you would be the first to respond… :wink:

I’ll follow the pattern as best I can and let you know if I have any problems.

Would you believe that it’s been 3 years since I first started these gloves and they’re still not finished? I dropped knitting altogether for a few years and when I came back to the gloves I was half-way through the first one. I knew that if I picked it back up the differences in knit size would be ugly, so I unraveled the entire work and made a center-pull, and I’m going to try once again. By Christmas, for sure!