Help me!

[B]K3 Graft sts—say what??[/B]
[B]HELP! I NEED HELP with the following baby bootie pattern:

Round 1: K20, pm, K20
Round 2, 4: K2tog, K to 2 sts before marker, K2tog, sm, SSK, K to 2 sts before the end of the round, SSK, K2.
Round 3, 5, 6:[B] [SIZE=3]K3Graft sts or seam together. [/SIZE][/B]
Does anybody know what the bolded part means? Does it mean I should be seaming up the bottom of this bootie as I knit the bottom?? I totally do not get it!

[B]THANK YOU[/B] for any help with this. The pattern was a breeze until this part, the very end.

Is there a link to the pattern? Is it online?

its how you sew up 2 sides of your knitting
you can kitchner
or there is this link that came up when i did a google search

hope this helps with the booties, and give a pic when done, I got NO babies to knit for


First Thank you for your replies. Here is the whole pattern. I will try to get a picture up or a link to a picture. I think I got the pattern off Ravelry.

Knit up these adorable baby booties in no time. The knitting pattern features a rib, fold down cuff. These booties will keep baby feet toasty!
[B]Finished Measurements[/B]
4" (10.5 cm) from toe to heel, 4½" (12 cm) from middle of sole to top of cuff
Booties stretch so they will fit a range of infants.
5sts=1" in St st
[B][U][COLOR=#0000ff]Merino Stripes[/B][/U][/COLOR] by Crystal Palace Yarns
1 ball Color 060 Grand Canyon
90% Merino wool/10% polyester
50 grams/1.75 ounces
115 yds/105 meters
1 set double pointed needles Size 4 US (3.5 mm) or size needed to obtain gauge
Tapestry needle, scissors, markers
[Note: Because of the self-striping, long changes of colors in Merino Stripes, the booties will not be identical in color arrangement.]
[B]Cuff[/B] CO 28 sts. Put 9 sts on first needle, 10 on the second, and the remaining 9 on the third. Work 20 rounds in K1, P1 ribbing.
[B]Top of the foot[/B]
K19. The third needle will have 9 sts (don’t work those sts now). Turn and purl back across 10 sts. Work just this needle in St st until there are 14 rows, ending with a P row.
K1, K2 tog, work to end.
P1, P2 tog, work to end.

Repeat between *s. (6 sts rem)
K 1 more row.
[B]Edge [/B](work in garter st)
Pick up 8 sts from left side of foot.
K9 from the cuff (this section is now the heel).
P9 from next needle.
Pick up P8 sts from right side of foot.
P6 sts across the toe and then P back to the heel. (40 sts)
Rearrange sts on ndls so they are evenly distributed on either sides of the toe.
K1 round, P1 round for 8 rounds (4 garter ridges).
[B]Round 1:[/B] K20, pm, K20
[B]Round 2, 4:[/B] K2tog, K to 2 sts before marker, K2tog, sm, SSK, K to 2 sts before the end of the round, SSK, K2.
[B]Round 3, 5, 6:[/B] K3Graft sts or seam together.
Make another.
If desired, add a pom-pom to each toe. To make the best pom-poms, wrap the yarn around your hand 175 times. Slide the yarn off your hand and tie tightly around the midsection of those loops. Cut the ends of the loops and trim until the pom-pom is about 2" across. This uses a lot of yarn, but the resulting pom-pom will be dense and durable.


Okay, I think this is the link to the baby booties. I hope it works!
They are really cute, ribbed booties.
THANK YOU for ANY help you can give me on this!! :muah:

For those not on ravelry yet, the pattern is here

Oh boy…I see now what the problem is! [B] Typo.[/B]
Plus, I think there is another typo in this pattern:
Round 2, 4: K2tog, K to 2 sts before marker, K2tog, sm, SSK,[B] K to 2 sts before the end of the round, SSK, K2.[/B]
But thank you so much for fixing this for me, it was driving me crazy! :muah: